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Happy student

Thank you for teaching me so much about English and how to express myself through language! I will continue to use the skills I learned from you to write in more creative ways!

Riku, 18

Thank you very much for teaching me how to spell. I needed help and you answered the call like a gallant knight with a dictionary in one hand and a history book in the other. So thank you for the help in something that is no longer taught.

Emma, 12

Looking for a good writing tutor to improve my skills with, my parents found Ms. Cynthia Johnson on the internet. I’m glad they did. Ever since I started being tutored by her a year ago, my writing skills have greatly improved. I enjoy every lesson we do together, and it goes by so fast we don’t notice time flying by. I would recommend Ms. Johnson to anyone looking for a good tutor, for not just writing, but for other subjects.


Ben, 16



​Cynthia is the kind of person that really truly cares about your son or daughter’s education. She understands every reading and writing rule in the English language. She knows words that I never heard of or would never think of using! It is truly incredible how motivated I am to work on all of my assignments with her.

Dane, 17

Cynthia is very support and helpful. She helps me stay on task and focus more to get good grades.

Chloe, 14



Miss Cynthia is so nice, and she helped me be a better learner!  She helped me with my homework, and showed me how to make it easier.  She showed me how to sound out ​words better.

Andrea, 9

Miss Cynthia helped me learn to take my time with my work, so I can get it right.  She helped me to be a better reader, and we played lots of fun games!  Miss Cynthia is really nice ​

to me!


Renetta, 7



In my time that I worked with Cynthia, I developed study habits that have
given me grades that have exceeded my own expectations.


Morgan, 14


Happy parent and child

Cynthia has been tutoring our daughter for the past 6 months. She is a very talented tutor, who puts our daughter at ease, and enables learning to take place. Her kind, gentle, and encouraging approach is just what our daughter needed. Our daughter really appreciates Cynthia's enthusiasm, humor and clarity in her explanations. Cynthia is truly skilled in her methods of tutoring and we are so thankful that she was a great fit for our daughter. 


Proud Parents of Emelie

Our son, who has always been an honors student, entered high school and almost immediately began to have academic challenges. We were referred to Cynthia for study skills tutoring and we received that and so much more.  Cynthia worked weekly with our son, providing him study strategies, techniques and tools to help him study more efficiently and effectively. She also provided him with guidance on how to limit distractions inherent in a large high school environment.  But in addition to the tactical support, Cynthia also offered him encouragement and a safe and fun place to share the successes and the challenges. As a junior now, he has the tools and the confidence to finish high school strong. High school is an important step along the path to college and adulthood. I am grateful that Cynthia has been our partner in the journey.

Proud Parents of Ian



It can be a long and difficult process at times for parents to find the right tutor for their child. It takes time to research, gather recommendations, and set up interviews. Of course, experience and background with teaching and education is important, but without a connection between tutor and student, the potential for full academic support is lessened.
When we first met Cynthia Johnson, we immediately felt comfortable with her easy going and personable style. Our son, who is usually quiet, was able to share a few things about himself with Cynthia. She had a way with asking just the right questions to engage him in conversation. Watching the communication between them was brief that night, but we knew right away we found the connection we were looking for!
Cynthia helps to empower and motivate the student to take ownership of their education. She offers her insight with making class topics relate to the real world. She gives pointers and recommendations to help the student find what works for them to achieve better planning and organization. Learning HOW to study is challenging for many students. Cynthia provides ideas on using different tools, strategies, and resources that work for the individual's learning style. Cynthia's positive energy can uplift and rejuvenate the mind of an exhausted student who is spent from a full day of academic challenges.
Finding the right fit between a tutor and the student is needed in order to have a good learning environment. Cynthia's academic support, positive attitude, commitment, and encouragement, will continue to help build our son's confidence to trust in his abilities to know that he is capable of so much!
Cynthia has been a guiding light to our whole family. As we navigate many challenges, she reminds us all that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Proud Parents of Drake



Finding Cynthia has truly been a blessing.  We contribute so much of our grandson’s growth to Cynthia's passion about helping her students learn and to raising their self-esteem… she is Fabulous!

Proud Grandparent of Clayson



We were looking for a reading tutor for our 5-year old son. It had become a daily battle to get his few minutes of reading practice done. Cynthia has her ways of encouraging him to try harder and do his best. He now loves reading and we often hear him reading books to his younger brother. Cynthia allowed us to get rid of the ultimatums, rewards/punishments and the frustrations we were experiencing. Instead, she instilled the confidence and joy of reading in our son. Once his reading was on par with his other skills, she started dividing her time between various subjects and expanding his knowledge base. It has been a year since she started working with Josh, and he still looks forward to his lessons with her. He once asked her, "Will I still get to have you as my tutor when I'm in college?"


Proud Parent of Josh



I looked for a writing tutor for my 12-year-old son, who had a great vocabulary, but unable to write more than a few lines when given an assignment. He has Asperger's syndrome (a form of autism) and is very smart. I found Mrs. Johnson on the web. My son has been taking weekly lessons from Mrs. Johnson for over a year now. She is extremely patient and skilled with children like my son. She also counselled him on social interaction skills at each lesson. He has made tremendous progress. He recently wrote an excellent 9-page movie summary on his own. I am very proud of his progress and very grateful to Mrs. Johnson for her professional help.


Proud Parent of Nolan



Going into his freshman year, our son was putting tremendous pressure on
himself to do well.  It was very obvious to us that the ability to exceed in high school would require study habits not necessarily learned in middle school. Cynthia was instrumental in helping our son not only develop the study habits but also to gain the confidence to set him up for success and excel at Skyline. After just a few sessions with Cynthia, his stress level faded and he gained the discipline to easily accomplish what he needed to do in each class to perform well. While the techniques would translate to other school situations, her knowledge of Skyline teachers, course and expectations provided extra insight to help him succeed.

Proud Parent of Miles



​​I really appreciate Cynthia Johnson.  ​

I am so thankful we found her.  She is such a patient and caring teacher. When we met Cynthia Johnson my daughters were both behind in reading, writing and spelling.  They were very nervous about going to a new school, and fitting in academically.  She gave them tools to help them improve phonetically, and become more confident readers (learners in general).  She fanned the flames of confidence burning deep within them, and now they really feel like they can tackle any subject using the tools she taught them!  She also provided a source of support for them as they worked through catching up in their new school.  I overheard her telling each of them many times that they were special and smart  young girls.  I could not have asked for a better person to supplement and support my children's education!​

Proud Parent of Lucy

Cynthia's approach with tutoring was very effective for our son. Right away we noticed an improvement with his assignments and over time his study skills and confidence improved substantially. Our son graduated with a 3.2 GPA and has now registered with Bellevue College.  


​​Proud Parent of Morgan


​Cynthia has been tutoring our son for a year now and we are extremely happy with her work.  Our son was not always fond of school or schoolwork but he appreciates and enjoys working with Cynthia and we are thrilled with the results.

​Proud Parent of ​​Brian

Our family was blessed when Cynthia came into our lives. She has patiently taught our charismatic, hardworking athletic 16 year-old son how to read and write. She is in tune with what he is capable of doing, tutors him at that level, and then thoughtfully challenges to master new higher-level skill sets. She has inspired and given him confidence in his abilities to have a voice and use it.

​Proud Parent of Mitchell


We feel incredibly fortunate that our son is working with Cynthia.  As a senior with learning disabilities, preparing for college is daunting.  With genuine kindness and obvious competence, Cynthia breaks down the learning process.  She's given my son tools and confidence to understand challenging material.  He will be much better equipped for the future. 

​Proud Parent of Peter



Our relationship with our daughter had really deteriorated due to poor grades and dealing with the issues that arise during the teen years.  Cynthia had a big impact on rebuilding this relationship, acting as a life coach for our daughter and an advisor to us.  She had a winning strategy for motivating our daughter and building her confidence.  Today the grades, and more importantly the family, are in a good place! 

​Proud Parent of Natalie



Thank you again for all of your hard work, patience and care working with Matt! 

​Proud Parent of Matt


Cynthia has been working with our son for the past year and has gotten him to open up and self-advocate for himself.  She talks to him and relates the books they are reading to society today.  Even though our son doesn’t like having a tutor, he didn’t mind working with Cynthia. She truly cares about her students.


​Proud Parent of Ted



​I am a Mental Health Counselor who has referred clients to Cynthia’s tutoring practice.  People who I have referred often come back to me and tell me some variation of:  “Thank you.  Thank you.  Cynthia walks on water!  She instilled confidence in our child, whom we thought would never ‘get it,’ to get it!  He is finally moving forward in his life!”  Some clients tell me that Cynthia is the first teacher who knows how to listen to their child’s spirit!  And to move from there to help her put her gifts out into the world.​​

George Lynn ​

M.A., M.P.A., L.M.H.C.

Cynthia Johnson is an expert in the field of Special Education and brings her experience and expertise to her tutoring.  She has worked as a collaborator and team member with the student we have shared.  I respect and welcome her input and relevant insights. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.

Susan Jobe

Special Education Teacher

Helping professional

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